How can I contact someone at 5 Star Getaways?

Robin Johnson, Owner, Contact information: 

Talk or Text:

  • (870) 715-9891 – United States, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico

Are flights included in the prices shown on the site?

No.  We let you select the routes and airline(s) that best suit you, so flights to and from your destination are not included in the price. However, you can always ask to include those flights in the quote.

Flights within your itinerary are inclusive unless otherwise noted.  

What class of hotels are available when booking with 5 Star Getaways?

At 5 Star Getaways we customarily provide luxury accommodations (4- or 5-star) unless directed otherwise by the client.

What do I do once I have chosen a tour?

Once you’ve selected your dream destination and want to find out more, great! You can now contact us either by completing the form on the bottom of the tour page or you can call or email Robin at the information at the top of this FAQ

We will set up a time to discuss your expectations, needs, and budget.

When do I pay?

As soon as your itinerary is finalized, you will pay through the website by a secured credit card payment link. Once payment has been made, you are accepting 5 Star Getaways Terms and Conditions located in the footer of the website.  

Can I request changes to the trips offered on your website.

Certainly! At 5 Star Getaways we enjoy working with our clients to tailor the trip to your travel preferences, dates and budget. You can change the itinerary, length of the trip, accommodation level…  Just ask!

Our website is there to showcase the wealth of options we have to create your dream vacation. You may choose these trips as presented or alter them, for example by adding a few days before and after a cruise or by adding a wine tour when visiting the south of France or chartering a jet from your local airport to Napa Valley, etc.

What if I have dietary needs or other special needs?

Just because you have dietary needs or other special needs does not mean you cannot travel.

At 5 Star Getaways we thrive on personalized service. Accordingly, we always encourage you to let us know what your dietary and special needs requirements are prior to your booking. This way, we can make sure that what is important to you will be available during your trip.

Why is the quote different from the price visible on the site?

Depending on your destination and the time of the year, the price listed for an itinerary may vary. We will let you know if there is a difference, and why. Do not hesitate to discuss your needs with us, and keep in mind that there are a lot of ways to get the price and services right, such as changing your accommodation, your travel dates and extra services.

When will I pay for the trip I booked?

Every vacation is different. We will communicate with you the amount needed to book the reservation, whether it is a percentage down or full payment.

What happens if I need to alter or cancel my trip?

In the event you need to change or cancel your reservation or any information provided as part of the reservation, please contact 5 Star Getaways as soon as possible. Revisions, cancellations, and refund policies vary by airline, cruise line and other suppliers. In all instances, no-shows are nonrefundable.

Insurance premiums and certain deposits, administrative fees and/or supplier fees are not refundable. A damage deposit also may be required at the time of booking for certain vacation packages.

For more information, please review the full cancellation policy under Terms and Conditions at 

How do I know if I need a Visa?

Each country has different requirements for travelers and we strongly recommend that you contact the embassy or consulate of the country you want to visit and ask about visa requirements prior to confirming your booking. Also, there is a link under “Resources/Visas” on 5 Star Getaways website. Please note that not getting a visa once the booking has been confirmed does not constitute a sufficient ground to waive the cancellation policy.

Do you recommend Trip Protection?

Yes. We recommend you purchase it and if you decline, it will be noted on your payment confirmation. We can provide you with a copy of the policy once a trip has been selected.

What about tips and gratuities?

Tips and gratuities are not included in the total and final price of your trip, unless otherwise noted. You may pay for gratuities upfront on a cruise but it is not included in the price listed on the website. Tipping is never required but may be a local custom, and recognizing excellent service is always a great idea. We do encourage you to tip if you are happy with the local services you receive.

What happens if I need further assistance during my trip?

At 5 Star Getaways we want you to feel safe and relaxed before and during your trip. We recommend you discuss any specific concerns you might have with us during the booking process. Jen may be reached 24/7 and she will provide her contact information to each client after the booking of your vacation.


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