The great majority of The Bahamas’ coral-tinged beauty lies within the Out Islands. Over 700 untouched, scarcely populated islands and cays, boasting deserted beaches, natural wonders and quiet sanctuaries for exotic wildlife. This oasis is not for everyone, of course. There are no cruise ships, no high-rise hotels, no crowds. Just mile after untainted mile of tropical beauty tinged in a thousand shades of blue. It’s different out here.

The Out Islands appeal to travelers who are true connoisseurs of Caribbean island life, to those who want their tropical vacations to be unique and at their own pace. One visits the Out Islands of The Bahamas to experience authentic off-the-beaten-path destinations and activities. Out Island hoteliers understand this, and specialize in putting together packages that ensure you’ll see and experience the best of these Bahamian secluded islands.

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